After 20 days on Steam Greenlight, Goblin Quest: Escape! has been greenlit! We want to thank everyone for their support!

Now on to finishing the updated features and finding a good release date….

See you on Steam!

The story of Goblin Quest Escape! 3: The Map Editor

This is the third article in a series about the story and technical details of Goblin Quest: Escape!. If you’d like to support us on Steam Greenlight, you can find our page here:

This post is about the map editor we’ve created for the game. It’s built by extending Unity’s editor, and is essentially a 3D tile-based editor with lots of useful features.

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The story of Goblin Quest Escape! 1: introduction

The time has finally come to bring Goblin Quest: Escape! to Steam. If you want to see the Greenlight page immediately, you can find it here:

This post is the introduction to a series of upcoming blog posts about the background and technology of the game and generally interesting stuff we’ve been doing.

So let’s take a look at what the game has achieved so far.

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